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Top 10 facts about Jazz in Christianity


1. After resurrecting from Catholic conversion, Mary Lou Williams Showcased her sacred composition on Black Christ Of The Andes album in 1964.


2.God uses jazz to teach us to trust his grace and live moment by moment through the Spirit, according to John Raymond.


3. The Holy Spirit is the ‘Great Improviser’ teaching you about how Christians are meant to love and trust one another in group improvisation


4. Sidney Bechet, not known for his piety, nevertheless acknowledged the strong bond between church worship styles and jazz.


5. God really wants us to be jazzed, totally tuned in and turned on to life, and enjoy the ride!


6. By reducing Christian spirituality to formula, we deprive our hears of wonder.»


7. «Jazz Sundays have always had a special energy in the worship service  congregation that had its first jazz service in Oct. 2000 in Sioux Falls.


8. «Hymn Of Sorrow» and «Come Sunday» were forerunner religious theme of the Sacred-jazz concerts co-written by Billy Strayhorn, witch were Ellington’s spiritual and artistic priorities. 

9.When jazz emerged in the early decades of the 20th century as music of liberation, entertainment and modernism, it provoked a backlash among cultural and religious-establishment figures.

10. St. Albans' monthly jazz communion service started in 2001 partly to pay homage to the area's storied past as home to some of the 20th century's most celebrated jazz performers.


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