How not to abuse the article called grace

(Album release : Toward a thougher grace

It is not a common good nor is it something I grew familiar with but it remain however essential for an eternal existence in the presence of our Elohim -God of mercy and truth...

Thank God for his bounty and severity and the saving truth of the cost of it.  Cheap grace does not exist and there is a secret few people know : truth is expensive !

The riches of the one who sacrificed everything so that you and I may benefit and enjoy a peaceable life cannot be counted by our miserable minds.  

It is incompréhensive for humans.  But for the one who believe it is possible to partake of it.  It is the saving grace of our faith that brings us to repentance from dead work, witch is the only way toward God.  Imagine one who persevere in his sin of self-medication because he cannot bear the pain engendered by the deadly stronghold of fear-shame-control provoked by abandonment and rejection on a daily basis...

This is where we realise that only a God of miracle can heal such a condition because it takes God to love God and perform a supernatural act of acceptance.  Reconciliation love-mercy and a casual divine hug.  A touch from heaven only possible by a revealed heart in the mind of an anointed vessel- a loving minister of his grace, a hope ambassador in an era of terrifying fear propaganda.

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