Harmony within an acting tribe of disruptors, touching the heart of sick sickles #teenpeepsinpowerty

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

by Alain Daigneault (

Donner ici-là

Dear impactful mindsets on the high calling over the nations in Yeshua,

30 years ago, I was degrading, lost and away, disconnected from the core of the ESV 84-89 graduates in the heart of the just for laugh festival at the St-Denis Théâtre in Montreal. The same feeling in 2009 while graduating from Con U.

However, after completing Derek Prince's foundation series under pastor Brian at CRCI, I feel equipped to make a representation/performance in my Childhood home town of Vaudreuil-Dorion in the Sûroit region. It would and could be very greatly appreciated by that westerner tribe as well as before my very own parents, still enjoying the country side there.

I see myself singing John chap 9 with a Jazz set...and other uplifting pieces.

The local press there covers around 10 times more we used to be, merely 10 000 population, back in the 80's.

As I'm after my Father's heart, desperately.

Please do Call the culture and leisure department 450 455-3371 option 4, then 3.... in order to announce and organize this precious event on willingly, God's calendar.

Then we'll make my parents and old class mates, sports mates and teachers as well as local teenagers a real surprise on the day we get the reservation dates in their local press ...

I'd like to make this detour at my old high school «La cité des Jeunes.» We should inform them, the young kids about the mental problematics and the rehab process as well as faith in Yeshua and their stigma against «Breboeuf» Cegep mentality (where the beautiful international African CMFI (CMCI) global evangelical church is impacting the whole metropolitean region !)

I believe the time is near to reach harvest every where, including and especially where we are coming from originally, specially geopolitically.

Have you eared from ZHOP Montreal ? Maybe Shelley's parents may have a lead for us near St-Lazarre at Chez Maurice Pub ? The elder music teacher, Marc-André Thibault, founder of Harmonie de la Cité (ESV - could be worth investigating : (I'm in this banner picture on their page : I would need your help to post the right message/poster... Ideally someone else than me !

After all, I am a disrupter, where as this region is «harmonized» with this classical band and other pop artist... cause it's all about the «band» as illustriously commented pastor Brian (about my ministry) !!! Old dreams always comes back around I hope earnestly (I finally get to see what they experimented 'out there' in Europe!!! All that because I was mentally sick and the Omerta law cycle of undivulgation of the oppressions inflicted on me on an hourly base, amongst the drug culture and the ridiculization of my character, every day during the 5 years of my imprisonment, at times, worse than the psychiatric internship I participated in because of the motherless environmental culture)

Here is the address, I encourage you to lodge your complaint there and denounce the child labour abuse and sexual perversions traffiking on my behalf, and with pleasure, because after all, they run a yellow bus ring every day around the soccer field (and I bet they still do) !!!

École de la Cité-des-Jeunes 400, avenue Saint-Charles. Vaudreuil-Dorion QC J7V 6B1 - 514 477-7007


Your Hope Ambassador in becoming,

Bshem Yeshua, in Jesus.

Alain Daigneault

(in its 2nd year as a student of GEM Media and ideation in virtual Pense-cola, Tennessee, 1st year with Brilliant TV and attending l'école des passionnés de Dieu in virtual Europe and part of the african Assemblée Cote Des Neiges (CMFI) at brother William, under guidance of Doctor Bautista and Civil Engineer Fang Hu in Montreal and he must mention that he really enjoyed taking communion with Prophet Chuck Pierce at Glory of Zion International in Texas at Passover this year)

“The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.” ― Elie Wiesel P.S. Prière de prier ces points et de me soutenir financièrement ici-là. Je suggère 10 à 20 dollars par mois, ce qui allègera le fardeau d'avoir tenu un orphelinat dans notre merveilleuse ville montagneuse de Mourrial, ces 12 dernières années. Le coût de mes études/prêts pèse énormément sur moi et j'ai atteint le plancher de 0 chrétien messianique qui a jusqu'à date pensé me bénir spontannément à part Docteur Jésus Bautista et sa précieuse femme Siney, similaire au Vol 714 pour Sydney. Alors voici mon Ad vent, l'incarnation de ma requêtes à l'adresse ci-joint: Reinard Bonke qui a enseigné à Josianne Remplie de Grace a rapporté ceci : « Que ton ambition ne soit jamais plus forte que ton amour pour Dieu » « Jésus a dit à Pierre « M’aimes-tu ? Pais mes brebis » Il fallait que son ministère soit motivé par l’amour de Jésus (« M’aimes-tu plus que le succès que je t’ai donné?») « Pour survivre au succès, il faut toujours s’assurer que votre amour pour Jésus est à la même place » Quand arrive le succès et l’élévation dans le ministère, pour parvenir à rester équilibré et intègre, il faut absolument veiller de manière permanente sur son cœur. Cela passe aussi par le fait de toujours avoir autour de soi des personnes qui peuvent nous ramener sur le bon chemin en cas de déviation de notre part. A ce propos je me souviens de cette phrase de Daniel Kolenda: « On doit se protéger mutuellement; Si vous êtes leader et que vous n’avez personne pour vous corriger vous êtes foutu »

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