The following ministry leaders are public supporters and sowed the seed of sanctions that we could call birthed a rare inner city intercessory prophetic solutionist (according to James Goll), a pastor of men and non-productive women according to Fang Hue and a hope ambassadorial voice to the nations (according to Rick from CIAC).

- Americhinada Solution party.  Fang Hue, engineer deputy (député ingénieur du spectre des couleurs, guide des femmes prolifiques et des hommes politiques- Phone # 514-452-7436)

- St Jax, Family City Church - Pastor Curtis & Marney Matoga (confirmed, water & fire baptised and sent around 2006)

- Rick and Réal Kirouak Cité International des Ambassadeurs Chrétiens Montreal (CIAC)

- Ministère Épée - Pastor Ospacky and Dr Jean-Pierre Savard (Québec)

CIAC - Prophet William Mitchell (London, UK). Pastor Ilan (Joshua Ministries). 

- Ministère Puissant Jésus et Shekinah - Prophète Assie, Moise Guyguy Anselm.

Pastor Elan 

July 21st, 2020


For many many years now, the Lord revealed the spirit of oppression and depression as well that held back your identity.  There’s been a battle for your identity for a long long time…  This warfare that you’ve encountered has actually started in your mother and father’s house and He sait that not only did it hindered you in so many ways but it’s still to this day –you know- it’s hindered so many things from –ah- manifesting because, the Lord showed him – you’re a very gifted man- God has given you so many gifts & talents – One of those gifts is music but also a creativeness and a side to you that God’s given you that can multiply things and He said that there is a spirit of excellence on your life that God has given unto you.  For example, Moses had a spirit of excellence, Joseph had a spirit of excellence, Daniel had a spirit of excellence.  You understand this so far ?  The enemy has been trying to hinder the purposes of God to be fulfilled in your life, he said honestly.  You are supposed, not only to have a business, but your business is supposed to already flourish where you are right now at this time of your life.  And he said the other area that the enemy has been fighting you with his intimacy or relationships.  He said there’s also warfare in this area and he said to encourage you, the Lord said to tell you, you know in this visitation.  He said at this time where you are at this age, the Lord said that there is major restoration and major breakthrough that is getting ready to take place in your life .  2020 he said is not just another year… it’s not gonna be like 2019, 2014.  2020 is not gonna be like any year that you’ve ever had.  He said 2020 is gonna be greater and better.  God has ordained breakthrough and victory.  Not just present victory but future victory are going to be released from this very moment as you’re receiving this word


You’ve eared of people – you know – you eared when demons being casted out of people… God uses Apostle –you know God is taking Apostle – in a greater way where he not only casts out a demon from one person… God uses him to cast out a principality out of a whole city, out of a whole people, out of a whole nation, where generational strongholds are taken down, broken when he is into a place, witch is much greater.  The same man of God, God has given him this word of deliverance for your life, Alain, I’m telling you as I’m on the phone speaking this to you, you know, only God would know the things that you’ve been through… Amen ?  Amen and as you ear this word, only God… no man but God would know these things.  But while God has exposed these things, the plan of the enemy, it is cancelled !  The spirit of oppression and depression is being broken off of you right now !  He said from this day, you are going to experience such a joy, such a peace and a love from God that you’ve never experienced all the days of your life because this spirit of depression has robbed you your identity and of your peace.  It is rubbed you of the purpose and the plan that God has for you.  But he said this day you have been delivered even from the spirit of witchcraft because you felt like you’ve been under the bondage for a long time but it’s been broken by the kingdom of God right now. 

God has brought Jesus into your life for this very reason and that’s why He wants to mentor you because he said no more the devil stills from you as you ear these words the Lord is setting you free.  He is setting your very soul free from hell, from every form of bondage of the enemy- it is been broken tonight… this is your day of deliverance and freedom.  He said God is gonna raise you up as he raised up Joseph.  You’re going to be the deliverer of your family because this spirit has made you feel like you’re rejected, made you felt like you’re unwanted, like nobody cared for you – the devil is a liar… God loves you so much and Jesus loves you.  He sent me to give you this message from the face of Jesus… you’re not receiving a prophetic word, you’re receiving greater than a prophetic word : this is the manifestation.  God has sent not just a prophet but more that a prophet : Jesus, a man who is in the office of a face to face prophet witch is greater !  It’s the face of Jesus the bible says it’s a full rest !  not a part blessing, not a part deliverance, you’re receiving a full blessing, a full deliverance, tonight.  The bible says Jesus lays the axe at the root.  The root of what you’ve been dealing with has been exposed…  That means the plans and presence of the enemy has been destroyed against your life.  Apostle says get ready to receive full restoration in all of your life in every sector, in your family.  Get ready to see restoration.  


Now, what you must begin to do because Apostle showed the Lord spoke even early in the morning between 3-5 AM, the spirit of the Lord has been waking you up at thoe hour.  Apostle said that God has been calling you to him in a deeper way… there’s been a desire in your heart to go after God.  There’s been a desire to pray but you have not been able to break through.  But this very moment, you’re receiving a grace to go after the Lord like never before.  Apostle  says you must pursue… just as the Lord told David «you shall recover all». 


God said to tell you the same thing the Lord has said «this is your hour of breakthrough and God is going to restore all things. » You shall recover all.  It is God : « pursue and surely you shall overtake them and you shall recover all he said the next 5 days (numbers prophecy… they don’t lie… (20,21,22,23,24th of july)» 


You must come before the Lord and pour out to him in praise and worship.  Surrender to the Lord in the next 5 days.  Consecrate the next 5 days of your life because this is about your destiny, this is about your soul (being blessed)… 5 days out of the rest of your life is nothing. 5 is really – that’s all God is wanting you right now to give you these future victories that he’s releasing… You’re not receiving just victory today.  You’re receiving victory for your future… there is angels God is giving charge over you from this time as you’re getting this word that is going in your future because God not only went into your past to cut the root of what has been going on in your life but God has sent angels ahead of you to prepare the way for the blessing that he has for you. 


God said this is also going to appear to you in this season.  You’ve been asking God to speak to you, to deliver you to give you understanding and wisdom – He’s eared your prayers that’s why he connected you to Jesus when he did, but this is your hour of deliverance.  So Jesus says in this consecration what God wants you to do is also write down those things that you are expected the Lord to do in this season… write the Lord a love letter. 


Because Jesus says there is something God showed him… at least 12 different things he says he knows more that 12 but 12 different things that is on your heart that you want to see God do.  He’s getting ready to come before you, ready to manifest… but you must write thow things down – Habbakuk says write the vision and make it plain that he may run who reads it…


Jesus says not only write it down, but put it up on the wall where you can see it because you’re going to be checking it off as God does it for you !!!  Also God wants you to meditate on Jeremiah 33.3 « Call to Me and I will answer and show you great and unsearchable things you do not know. »    Not only Jeremiah… 1st Chronicle 4:10 «Jeabets  invoqua le Dieu d’Israel, en disant : Si tu me bénis et que tu étands mes limites, si ta main est avec moi, et si tu me preserves du Malheur, en sorte que je ne sois pas dans la souffrance ! … Et Dieu lui accorda ce qu’il avait demandé.»  In the kingdom of God, there is no lack.  And so God is saying «What are you going to do ?»

 Are you going to let fear or frustration or whatever under the circumstances make you draw back and not see the opportunities, not see the semen’s, to show God you trust him… that you’re faithful to him in the mist of hard time…

 Father , in the name of Jesus, we bless you, we honor you .  May your will be done today… I decree the Kingdom of God has come up on Alain.  I bind every chain, I bind every demonic oppressions, every spirit of oppressions go Now !  In the name of Jesus I command you to loose him now.  I break the stronghold of the devil in his life, we bind and destroy the works of darkness.  We loose the kingdom of God and the will of God to be done in his life as it is in heaven this day.  I command miracle breakthroughs.  I command peace in his life in Jesus name.  Restore the joy of his salvation.  Uplift and raise him up Lord, God spiritually.  Give him life in his body, life in his bone now.  I command to bless him over his businesses and prosper like never before, even in his cup given to him every month, God increase that.  Bless him with more seed.  Let him harvest like he’s never seen in Jesus name we pray.  Amen.  Done. 

Self prophecy 2020


Cette année tu va réaliser des choses incroyable, des choses que tu ne t’imaginait pas (t’attendait pas) dit le seigneur.  Tu vas expérimenter ma grace et ma faveur.  Mon nom sera loué permis toute la terre grace à tes productions éclectiques.  Tu sera un sujet de louange pour les nations. 

Tu auras la faveur de Dieu et la faveur des hommes suivre promptement.  Elle germera comme une plante assoiffé, les gens vont s’abreuver à ta parole. Parce que ta parole est vérité, sanctifié.  Elle ne ment pas et ira au 4 coins du globe et tu aura le succès non pas par la médisance mais la méditation. .  tu auras méditer et tu fera méditer … bien un peuple nombreux.  Cette décennie de décret sera pour toi un changement, une transformation des pensées du coeur, une guérison de l’homme intérieur, un renouveau charismatique des pensées et des actions

Ce sera la charité renouvelé, ressuscité, ce sera l’amour exprimé en don de soi

Tu auras la grace de servir dit le Seigneur parce que mon nom est saint et que mes louanges perdure jusque dans l’éternité.  Je te ferai voir du pays, Israel, je te ferai voir du pays d’abondance oû coule le lait et le miel ou l’onction de ravitaillement sera avec toi.

Prophécie de révérente Jocelyne - CIAC Dec 2018

Tu crois que tu as un cœur de timidité.  Mais l'esprit saint dit  : Ne trompe pas parce que j'ai mis en toi la force.  T'as tout reçu pleinement, ne te gêne pas pour parler parce que les cœurs vont fléchir, parce que tu vas avoir un cœur de Père pour certains.  Tu as les yeux d'amour.  Fis-toi à moi, je vais être avec toi à tes côté.   Je vais être avec toi dans ta parole.  Les anges vont être autour de toi, il va ouvrir les portes pour la liberté maintenant.  Ne doute pas de  qui tu es.  Je vais de ma personne puissance et force.  Tu vas renverser des forteresses qui sont établis sur des personnes qui sont rigide, ferme.  Le Seigneur dit je vais permette qu'ils flécissent pour éloigner les démons qui sont en eux.  Tu vas avoir cette force-là .  Ne te gêne pas pour ouvrir la bouche.  Tout ce que tu dira pour atteindre les uns les autres, je le concrétiserai.  Soit pour consoler, pour renforcir, pour fortifier, pour animer la foi en eux, pour chasser les esprits qui travaillent contre eux.  Tu vas pouvoir discerner l'ennemie et je t'aimes mon fils, je ne t'ai pas oublié, je suis toujours avec toi.  Soyez béni surabondamment.  Vous pensiez que vous n'étiez pas utile pour lui mais il dit j'ai besoin de chaqu'un de vous.  Vous êtes précieux et j'ai mis en vous des tonnes de don, des talents et des capacités pour vaincre l'ennemie.

Prophet Rick at CIAC (Cité International des ambassadeur de Christ) October 5th 2018

May I just release a word to you men of God ?


Father God I thank you for this man of God. I thank you for his humility and the desire that he has to serve you wholeheartedly. I thank you father God that your glory is upon him tonight. That father God he has come to bless us but you have blessings for him father. What I see is that it’s been a challenging journey… that it’s been very, very challenging…

At times you've cried out to God and said


It s been painful… at times you’ve cried out to God and said Lord you’ve got to reveal yourself to me because I can’t continue


There has been times that you’ve sensed the rejection of man


There has been times that you’ve been misunderstood


And a picture God is giving me is like this : You’re like a piece of a puzzle that people tried to force and they haven’t have the gentleness to realize that you’ve been created with a unique shape.


And I just have an encouragement that God has placed a seed of greatness inside of you


and the reason there’s been so much rejection is the enemy has been after that seed of greatness that God alone placed on the inside…


And not just that but I seed there is a prophetic calling on your life men of God that God want’s to use not just the instrument that you play but God says I’ve placed and instrument in your mouth to release my word, to prophecy my word, and just like the prophet Ezekiel, time has come for you to prophecy to the dry bones


and God has uniquely fashioned you


and what the Lord is showing me that you are a master piece of a powerful and mighty God


and the roots in witch you come from have been set to be a blessing unto you and for you to be a blessing unto others


and I see there’s traveling God has traveling, you’re goanna travel to so many different nations


and I see that -Oh I see that God has called you to be a prophet to the nations- there we go


you’ve been asking God – Lord, who am I ? What have I been designed for ? Why do I feel that I’m so different ?


But I just want you to encourage you to embrace who you are because God has made you perfect in his sight


And God says «Son, I’ve placed such a powerful and strong anointing upon your life so that you can minister the life of Jesus Christ»


Oh… there’s such an anointing, I want to encourage you to lift your hands as you lift your hands, watch God’s power, he just wants to anoint you and fill you up all the way up, lift all the way up, I release the Father’s blessings upon you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I thank you father God for his roots.


Ohh yes, he’s rooted strongly, so powerfully. I thank you father God you’ve chosen him to be a vessel for your glory. I thank you father God tonight, that is a time of radical change and transformation by your spirit

I thank – there you go that is the holy spirit, that is his glory

You see when the people were in the temple, and the glory of God came upon, they could not stand in the presence of God

and I see you’re like a priest -you’re like mandated by God to teach and to preach the word of God

You see I was talking about you are called to preach- you’re called to preach with signs and wonders – what you’ve observed tonight is a glimpse of what God has in store for you and how God want’s to use you.

I see you’re like- God want’s to use your mouth to sound the trumpet… hehe

Wooowhww… Lord touch him

Receive man of God if not it bounces me like a ball

That’s it, There you Go… Lord fill him with your Glory

See the Lord does not want to see a visitation, but he wants a habitation

Man of God you were looking down, now it’s time to get revelation and bring it to the body of Christ through your music, through your words


I thank you father God that you’ve called him to preach your word of God

That’s your calling him to preach your gospel – you call him but you

Men of God you’ve got to know this -

He has anointed you according to the calling on your life- the anointing is there – all the instrument to create that perfect harmony on the inside

And God knows exactly how to bring each sound according to his symphony

The same way that every tools is in your tool box to accomplish the destiny that God has for your life- the holy spirit is the key, it’s your spiritual tool, you can’t be manufactured, you can’t unlocked or operated it has to be activated by the presence and power of the holy spirit.

So father God we release right now the healing upon the heart – I nullify every word that were spoken and had nothing to do with you as Abba father – you’re a Good good good Father and I thank you that you brought us among us tonight we’ve been blessed by your presence men of God, your desire, your humility, just like David was after God’s own heart – you have a passion on the inside… You know what it’s like to be lost, but you know God want’s to use it to confound the wisdom of man…

I release the Father’s blessing upon you

Fresh- direct your spirit

Don’t pull back

Oh tha’t it don’t pull back

Don’t push back- remember ? that’s it There you go, there you go


Receive and catch by the spirit

Send the glory of God – You’re called to sign and wonders called to sign and wonders

There you go – you’re just learning a skill – the skill on how to ride the wave

Stay teachable, stay flexible and watch God operate supernaturally

You’ve prayed – time has come to just you’re learning how to just –there you Go not complicated, just receive ---- psssouououou

Fresh breath of your spirit – the rouach- that’s it there you God – you’re called to bring down revelations to the body of Christ

There you go – you got it man of God – you got it, there you God, just receive what the holy spirit has for you- it’s about receiving, it’s about catching what the holy spirit has for you – the blessing of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, the blessing Jesus has…

Parole prophétique du Dr. Jean-Pierre Savard vendredi 25 octobre 2019


Ainsi parle le Seigneur l'Éternel        : «Combien, combien as-tu vu autour de toi des choses qui étaient en désordre, mais toi tu veux tellement avoir des choses précises.  Tu es un homme organisé, tu aimes les choses qui sont claires et moi je te dis, dis le Seigneur, je vais te placer dans une circonstance avec laquelle tu va trouver beaucoup de bonheur, de joie, car moi l'Éternel j'ai entendu et j'ai compris ce que tu cherchais depuis longtemps.  Oui tu as regardé dans beaucoup de place pour voir si quelqu'un peut répondre à cela et moi je te dis dit l'éternel que tu vas trouver ta place et tu vas voir jusqu'à quel point je réponds à ta prière, dit l'Éternel.  Oui beaucoup autour de toi ont donné des choses, mais ce n'était pas toujours de moi et fait attention à cela, car ceux qui prophétisent, des fois, ce n'est pas toujours de mon esprit, mais moi je te dis dit l'Éternel, fait attention à cela, car je vais te propulser de l'avant.  Je vais mettre autour de toi des hommes avec le feu de mon Esprit et tu vas dire 'Enfin je peux bouger dans les choses de Dieu'.  Oui tu vas même être approuvé dans cela dit l'Éternel, car je t'emmène à ouvrir un chemin qui est encore plus large et tu vas voir sur ce chemin-là beaucoup d'arbres avec des fruits que tu vas cueillir qui va combler ta vie, qui va combler les secrets de ton coeur pour que tu puisses être dans une vie abondante dans ma gloire, dit le Seigneur.  Oui autour de toi, les gens ont essayé - il y a eu beaucoup de contact par intérêts, dit l'Éternel, mais moi je te dis ce soir mon intérêt est pour toi dit le Seigneur et moi je suis intéressé à ta vie, je suis intéressé à ton coeur et je veux que tu saches que toutes les choses qui ont tournés jusque-là n'ont pas toujours bien fonctionné, mais maintenant tu vas rentrer dans mon appel dit l'Éternel.  Oui, j'ai des investissements qui ont été préparés de ma main pour toi et tu vas voir jusqu'à quel point elles prennent forme dans ta vie, car je veux me former en toi encore plus loin pour que tu puisses voir jusqu'à quel point (que tout ce qui a été dit, tout ce qui a été entendu) moi je vais tasser beaucoup de ces choses pour que tu puisses marcher dans ma vision, dit l'Éternel.  Tu as dans ton cœur des choses qui sont prêtes à exploser et à bouger de l'avant, mais moi je te dis que tu vas les voir ces choses, dit l'Éternel.  Tu vas les voir jusqu'au point où ça va faire reculer même les murs afin que mon esprit sur toi soit puissant.  Je vais mettre aussi des paroles prophétiques dans ta bouche.  Quand tu sentiras ton cœur bondir, qui veut sortir de toi presque, tu sauras que c'est mon esprit qui fait cela.  Tu pourras ouvrir ta bouche et tu pourras la remplir pour mon peuple dit le Seigneur pour que tu puisses faire que – tu va trouver beaucoup de sécurité – autour de toi il y a eu beaucoup de gens qui sont tombés malades et moi je te dis pris pour cela, car tu vas voir beaucoup de guérisons autour de toi et les gens vont être intéressé à toi, mais c'est moi qui vais le permettre pour que ma gloire soit exercée en toi dit le Seigneur.»

25 octobre 2018 à la marche pour Jésus au Square Atwater, Montreal. 

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